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Empty Prayer Room

Meet Our Team

Our Leadership

  • Imam Bobby Abdul Hameed Thomas - Resident Imam

  • James Muhammad, Treasurer

  • Ameenah Abdul Salaam, Secretary

Administrative Council 

  • Adam Beyah, Convenor

  • Lena Husamudden, Council Secretary

  • Arifah Khabir 

  • Abdur-Rahman Shabazz

  • Charnette Muhammad

  • Rashad Abdul Rahmaan

Our Committees


  • Pioneer Committee, Na’eem Syed, Chairperson

  • Amin Muwakkil, Co-Chair

  • Haneefah Syed, Secretary

  • Ali Middleton, Treasure

Prayer Hours

Masjid isn't open during these prayer times. If you would like to pray at the masjid please call 910-488-7322 to get access to the building.

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